10 Rules Of Media Business On Instagram

Creating an Instagram profile and thus opening your business is no longer a miracle of progress, but a common thing. True, it will have to develop according to all the laws of this social network.


You can sell furniture, cosmetics or car parts, turning your Instagram into a store on the couch, promoting your services or selling attention to the audience. Each of the 700 million active users of social media has its own page, which serves not only as an online album with moments of life, but also provides unlimited business opportunities. In order to be successful, you need to follow the rules that many Instagram entrepreneurs have already tested on themselves.


1. First, keep your profile as a regular blog


For any business you need a start-up capital. If we are talking about business in Instagram, then they can serve as an active and fairly developed account with a couple dozen photos, as well as the first followers.


Take care of maintaining your business account before it starts trading activity. Let it serve as a blog for the first time: post posts that will help users create a first impression about your product or service, learn the philosophy of the future brand, see the process of preparing to launch a business. This groundwork is useful for the future, and you do not have to start everything from scratch.


2. Fill out the profile so that it inspires confidence


In order to make money using your Instagram profile, you need to fill it in and arrange it in such a way that potential customers have no doubt that you can be trusted.


In the description, tell the most important thing about your business. But the text should not be very long (about 150 characters). Do not forget about the ability to use active links in this field.

Make posts with an eye on how their combination will look in the overall grid of publications. It should look neat, delight the eye with color transitions or eye-splashing color bursts.

Create official hashtags for your project and use them under the texts for the posts, so that over time they will become recognizable for followers.


3. Post content that is nice to see in the feed.


The visual component should be in the first place. But not all pictures will be equally useful for the development of your business, the success of which directly depends on the number of followers.


Follow the trends in photo processing. Frames with a large number of filters and the addition of frames that were popular at first, now hardly bring a lot of likes.

Use mostly live photos taken on the camera of a smartphone. Such users make themselves accustomed to seeing with others. Professional shots, licked after retouching, with obviously advertising content, do not usually get a good response in the form of likes. However, if they are connected by a single concept and are specially removed in the usual for Instagram formats (for example, layouts with things), then this approach has a chance of success.

Pay attention not only to each post separately, but also to the grid of posts in your account as a whole. It is like a book cover for those who first see your profile.


4. Offer your followers an exclusive


One of the surest ways to keep followers-customers is to offer them something that is not found anywhere except in your Instagram account. For example, it is in it to announce discounts, promotions, contests and other offers from which the user can benefit.


5. Interact with followers


Social media is a space in which the distance between a regular user and, for example, a Hollywood star is reduced: you can write a comment or send a message to Direct to your favorite actress. Clients would also like to communicate with companies.


If you want to show the customer focus of your business, make Instagram a place where you can reach you: ask questions, find out the prices of goods and services, get service support.

Also followers will appreciate if you pay attention to their comments with the emotional component. Even in the event that they do not contain questions and theoretically required answers do not require. Emoji is a little thing to send to a follower, but a pleasure.


6. Show what in life is hidden from prying eyes


Forbidden and inaccessible causes the most interest. Use it and publish what customers usually do not see. The subtleties of the production process, working moments – all this will be new to those who do not know your field of activity from the inside. Also, posts with similar content increase the loyalty of users: when they not only sell something, they also share something with them, this is valuable.


7. Run new items online


Another way to gain the trust of customers is to allow them to trace the path of the new product to the counter. Arrange a countdown to the launch of the novelty, show what was behind its creation, giving information in chunks. Create intrigue and make users stay on standby until details appear.


8. Encourage followers


The price for trust may be a prize played in a contest, or a repost of a publication dedicated to your business. Followers will not prevent additional motivation. Let them have another reason to keep track of your updates.


9. Use paid promotion


Find customers for your business by increasing the number of new audiences – buy active instagram followers. Promote your Instagram for a fee. Krootez site will help you with this. The smallest test package for the service starts from 100 followers for only $ 5.9. The audience coverage due to these simple actions will increase significantly.


10. Inspire customers


Think not only about yourself, but about others. It’s great when content in a business account pushes for thinking, uplifting, makes you smile and inspires. Not just selling, but giving emotions — for the sake of it, perhaps, it is worth working.

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