How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Plastic Playing Cards!

I could remember the first day that I used a deck of plastic playing cards at our weekly Thursday League of Legends betting  night poker game. I’ve heard that lots of people have loved plastic handmade cards right from the start and never looked back. Well let me inform me , I was not one of those people.

I acquired that deck and all I could think was,”Why are the cards so tiny? Why do they feel so weird? They’re so damned slippery, just how am I ever supposed to become accustomed to these?” I was relieved when the next week the game location had transferred and we were back to our regular good old playing cards.

However little did I know the invasion had begun, as soon as it had begun there was no stopping it. So on we’re using plastic playing cards weekly. And slowly, without my knowing it, something strange started to happen. I got used to these new cards.

Maybe it had been originally some sort of innate concern with shift in uswho knows, however that I started to appreciate plastic handmade cards for what they were: far superior poker handmade cards. The cloth helps make it easy to shuffle and simpler to deal. For those of us that bend our cards a bit much whenever we peek at our hole cards, plastic credit cards really are our savior. And without ever having to be concerned of a card becoming discounted, or creased, and maybe warped once the eventual drink spillage does occur, it really creates a considerably more enjoyable play. I used to be a believer.

Then came the fateful day when my brand new found dedication was put to the test. We’d no plastic playing cards daily and had to return straight back to a normal deck. The cards felt wrong, overly thick. These were stiff as a plank and impossible to shuffle. They didn’t slide off the deck once I strove to cope . And we had to improve decks at two times through the entire evening time.

Never I let you know, it had been dreadful. It’s just like moving back to 8-tracks once you have heard CDs. Or going back to VHS later viewing a DVD. Why would anyone willingly put themselves through that kind of torture? Therefore, if you’re not using plastic handmade cards, provide them a go. You’ll thank you in the end.

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