The Reason Why Theatre Seating Is Designed The Way It Is

Have you ever really looked at theater seating? Have you ever wondered exactly why theater seating is designed the way it is? Maybe the following information will help you to understand this type of commercial seating better.

The Elevated Heights
As each row of theater seating is placed in the open room it is made to be higher than the row of chairs before it. This is generally done by having a floor that is sloped to accommodate the increase in height for each row.

The designers do this so that the people in the back of the room can see as well as . the people in the front of the room. In cinema houses that have rows of chairs established on even heights the people in the back row often have their view diminished by the head and shoulders of the people in front of the.

Since every customer has to pay the same admission charge it is reasonable for them to expect to be able to have the same opportunity to see and enjoy the program. By raising the level of each row of seats the designers create a way for all of the customers to see without obstruction.

Cup holders on the Right Hand Side
A larger percentage of people are right handed so when the seats are occupied the majority of people will want to place their drink on their right side. This is purely a matter of majority rules.

Seats that are bolted to the Floor
The seating system that theater seating is established by is a row style seating that has the main legs of the beam beneath the individual chairs bolted to the floor. This type of seating system requires less room for the framing so more seats can be placed in an area. This type of seating also eliminates the worry that someone will tip the chair over backwards and be injured.

The number of individual places to sit that are positioned on the bar will determine how many supports the bar will need to have. The supports help the bar to be able to handle the additional weight of the seat and the person that will be occupying it.

Seat that Raise and Lower
Being able to lift the seat in this row style seating creates more room for people to walk up and down the aisle. With the seats lifted when people arrive there is more room so the people do not feel compelled to sit in the aisle seat?

Being able to lift these seats allows the cleaning crew to sweep all of the trash and debris that is dropped on the floor up. Cleaning is very important in the cinemas because most of the things that are dropped on the floor are food related items. If they are not properly cleaned up the cinema could develop rodent problems.

Cloth VS Plastic Covered Seats
Most of the time theatre seating is made with cloth coverings instead of plastic coverings. This is done for comfort because the cloth coverings are much harder to clean than the plastic ones are.

Theatre seating is arranged to give maximum viewing capabilities to every seat in the house. Theater seating is more likely to be cloth covered because the cloth is more comfortable to the movie goers. You can contact us to learn more..

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